Pool Sessions

Individual Stroke Clinics

Aimee and Stuart are both 400 Medley specialists therefore, have in depth knowledge around the technical aspects required for all four strokes. Within a specific stroke clinic swimmers will learn stroke specific stroke and turn drills used by elite swimmers. Detailed technical feedback will be given to all swimmers either as a group or indivudally. 


Start and Turn clinics

Starts and turns clinics involve coaching points and demonstrations on all turns. The clinic can cover whichever turns the coach wishes to focus on.


Medley clinics

Within a medley clinic we are able to offer brief technical skills and drills on all 4 strokes, as well as briefly cover the backstroke/breastroke switch turn.

Pool Session's lasts 2 hours and can be tailored to meet the needs of the head coach. An additional 30 minute signing session is also included.

Aimee Only - £400 (max 40 swimmers) 
Aimee & Stuart - £500 (max 60 swimmers)

*Aimee can only demonstrate skills and drills in the water when Stuart is present. Without Aimee must remain on poolside due to health and safety. 


Performance Lifestyle*

These sessions will highlight what it takes to become ‘elite’, and the decisions that need to be made to reach the Podium. Planning, organisation and goal setting will also be covered.


These sessions will cover the value and importance of good Nutrition with reference to good and bad decisions, race day nutrition strategies, recovery nutrition and hydration.

Puberty, Periods and Performance*

Being a female in sport can be difficult. As a girl there are many issues associated with puberty such as weight gain, social pressures, unwanted body hair, and periods. Being a swimmer means many of these issues are on display but to achieve podium success at any level you have dealt with it. During this session Aimee will talk about her own experiences of puberty and encourage the girls to take part and ask questions. No boys allowed!

Each presentation lasts 1 hour.
COST: Max 40 swimmers £150
           Max 60 swimmers £200

Parent Education (Stuart only) 

Stuart is available to talk to parents around his experiences as a parent to an elite swimmer. The presentation will include his top tips and best strategies to support your child from a young age, as well as a Q&A. 

Presentation lasts 1 hour - Cost: £150

Land Based Sessions

Pre and Post pool*

These sessions include a structured list of exercises recommended for all swimmers. Pre pool will focus around muscle recruitment specific to swimming before entering the water. Post pool will focus around muscle release in order to recover and reset for the following session. 
(If purchashed on top of a pool session 30 minutes will be spent before the session focusing on pre pool, and 30 minutes afterwards focusing on post pool)

Land Sessions*

During the land sessions the swimmers will work through a set of exercises relevant to building strength to aid swimming performance in the pool. The movements will focus around the core, shoulders, lats and glute muscles and will be specific to the age and ability of the swimmers.

Foam Rolling Technique*

During a Foam Rolling session the swimmers will be shown the correct way to utilise a foam roller for recovery and performance. Good movement patterns will be demonstrated properly in order to do so. Without proper coaching points the maximum benefit of a foam roller is usually missed. (Foam rollers will not be supplied by Willmott Swim Skills - It is the responsibility of the club and/or swimmers to provide these.)

Each Land Based session last 1 hour.

COST: Max 40 swimmers £150
           Max 60 swimmers £200

*If purchased on top of a 2 hour pool session there is a £30 discount in price.


NOTE FOR ALL OF THE ABOVE: Travel expenses will incur an additional cost dependant on the loctaion of the clinc. 


Mini Swim Clinics

Mini Swim Clinic's are available to all clubs who are looking to maximise time and learning spent with both Aimee and Stuart. 


Included in the day is: 
· 2 x Pool Sessions 
· 2 x Land based Sessions or Presentations (from above)
· 30 minute signing session
· Each swimmers receives a signed autograph card and information pack to take home

Please note: session times will vary depending on individual club pool space. 


COST: Max 60 swimmers £1500.00

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