Business is the office equivalent to sport

The preparation and planning that goes into elite sport is very similar to that in the business world and Aimee is available to speak about her experinces.

"My preparation for a benchmark swimming competition, such as the Olympic games can begin up to four years beforehand. This can be very hard to adapt to physically, but more importantly mentally, as the end game is often hard to focus on. Due to this I have learnt to draw on motivation to train hard and apply myself 100% each and every day using various techniques.

I have developed great goal setting and reflective skills, which I am able to discuss and advise on. The importantance of focusing on the finer details are necessary to working towards the bigger picture. In my own swimming career I have had many set backs, such as serious injury, and programme closures. Both of these specific setbacks I experienced on my way to winning Commonwealth Gold in 2018.

I feel as though my story is not only motivational to listen to, but a lesson in commitment, drive and passion. 

P.O.A (price on application)
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